That's a good news on a sunny sunday morning like this. The Detroit maestro is gonna release a new album for the upcoming summer, and apparently it will be followed by a live tour. I love Theo's djsets, but I'd ...Read More Sampling the soulful, deep and dreaming Protoype from Oukast (well.. better sayin' Andre3000) this Red Rack'em's jam gives it a new shape just placing it over a simple but effective house beat. Read More This unreleased jam is simply powerful. Definitely basser than my typical taste, but definitely a floor killer. Cannot wait to put my fingertips on it! Read More I do my best to keep updated with the massive quantity of (not always) good records released every day. Today in the daily juno newsletter I discovered this gem. Diggin deeper you'll find that behind Placebo there was a famous Blue ...Read More


Looking forward to this gig, spinning back2back with my mate Randy Watson and warmin' up the dancefloor for Deda / Katzuma definitely one of my italian hiphop heroes, as a producer and mc and now one of the best (IMHO) ...Read More Read More Read More

Have you ever heard of this "Loudness war"? Look at the waveform below. Can you see what happenned in the last 30 years of recording and mastering? Wikipedia page Read More As my passion into music born, I was really deep neck involved in hiphop culture, at first writing tags and pieces, then rhymes, and finally as a dj. So here's a gem from that golden age. Still one of my ...Read More Few weeks ago I saw this well done documentary. It speaks about the electronic music scene with a different point of view compared to the other documentaries previously made about the topic. Also because it has been made by a ...Read More