If someone would ask me who’s my favourite producer ever I guess i couldn’t answer with only one name. But when you ask me who’s my favourite producer in the last 5/6 months I definitely can answer “SessionVictim”. They’re mixing soul and funk in a groovy way resulting really senusal and effective.[……]

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Can you imagine Cubase on a Commodore C=64?!

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Just before I moved to Berlin I rediscovered vinyls. Maybe because I’ve been so crazy to think: “I’ll move all my records in Berlin” convinced to stay here for life.. and I did it.
Anyway, I started making orders online from juno, decks.de, rushhour, d[……]

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Ok: let’s start managing my brand new blog. It’s a long time that winstan.org was kinda dead website, almost like myspace is in these new-social-networked-days. Two months ago, as every year in July, I was in front of a choice: renew the domain (and just use it as a ftp resource) or not.. and I made[……]

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